Effective practice method of Karate's footwork



Effective practice method of Karate's footwork

In order to make Karate 's footwork well, you need training on the lower part of your body anyway.

The foundation to train your legs is running.

It would be great if you could run on a wood chip course or sandy beach to avoid damaging your knees.

Let your running shoes something that is hard to hurt your feet.

Let 's practice' back and forth 'at the same time as training your legs.

Drop the height of the waist to the middle waist, put the front foot forward, move the center of gravity, and draw the back leg.

I will speed up as much as possible with my consciousness as if my upper body does not shake.

Let's first be aware of the stability of the upper body rather than speed.

Repeat this basic exercise thoroughly and, if you can, practice to advance by adding attack techniques.

In addition, let's practice to retreat with defense technique.

When basic actions become available, we will make footwork so that we can produce skills.

Necessity to practice a footwork with karate

Steps are necessary to measure interactions with opponents.

In order to launch an attack with karate, you must enter into the opportunity.

The footwork becomes important when we get to know each other.

People who are good at stepping can properly attack from any angle and position.

In the case of sports karate, the point of victory is how to efficiently footwork through and accumulate points earlier than before.

In the case of full contact, mistaking the footwork is a fatal injury.

Since it is an all-out battle, it is important to take footwork to pull opportunities while watching the opponent's movements.


Types of footwork

There are two kinds of footwork to reduce the interdiction.

"Foot legs" and "joint legs".

"Legged foot" is a footwork to take out the foot in the direction of travel first and draw the back leg along with it.

"Joint foot" is a footwork that brings the foot on the back side in advance with respect to the direction of travel, and footwork on the foot on the traveling direction side at a stroke with a technique.

footwork notes

The point to be noted in the footwork is to prevent the opponent from reading the movement.

If the head height changes, shapes shake, draw hands, move your feet, you will be more likely to read by your opponent.

It is a good footwork to move your body back and forth without these actions.

How to deal with peeling off the sole of the foot in footwork practice

When practicing a footwork after a long time with a pair of hands, the skin near the sole of the sole of the foot may be stuck.

It hurts and it hurts so much.

If it is a normal life, I can endure, but I can not practice karate.

If you repeat it many times, that part will become harder and stronger, but I do not feel painful.

As a treatment, cut the "sterile gauze" which is sold at the pharmacy smally and thicken the collapsed product and place it on the affected area.

Let's paste the adhesive bandage so that the gauze will not move, and taping.

Every day, disinfecting the affected part and repeating the same thing is painful as early as possible.


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